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record list!

hello kittens
i have one more week before i go back to being a fulltime student, so out of bordeom and as a random act of kindness, here's my record list.
request as many as you like, i shall upload them throughout the week.
please forgive selective grammar, typed this on microsoft word.
i do have more music than this, but the rest of it is just a messy mass of scrambled songs.

13&GOD – s/t

Alphabeat – s/t
Andrew bird – weather systems
Angie reed – presents the best of Barbara brockhaus
Animal collective – all BBC sessions
Animal collective – feels
Animal collective – here comes the Indian
Animal collective – merriweather post pavilion
Animal collective – people ep
Animal collective – strawberry jam
Animal collective – sung tongs
Animal collective feat. Vashti bunyan – prospect hummer ep
Antony & the johnsons – another world ep
Antony & the johnsons – s/t
Antony & the johnsons – I am a bird now
Antsy pants – s/t
Aphex twin – Richard d. james album
April march – chrominance decoder
Architecture in Helsinki – fingers crossed
Architecture in Helsinki – in case we die
Architecture in Helsinki – we died they remixed
Architecture in Helsinki – places like this
Armando iannucci radio shows series 2
Asa chang and junray – jun ray sung chang
Avey tare & kria brekkan – pullhair rubeye
Avey tare & kria brekkan – pullhair rubeye [reversed]

The B’52s – s/t
Bat for lashes – fur & gold
Battles – b ep
Battles – ep c
Battles – mirrored
Beastie boys – hello nasty
Beastie boys – licensed to ill
Beat happening – s/t
Belle & Sebastian – the boy with the arab strap
Belle & Sebastian – dear catastrophe waitress
Belle & Sebastian – tigermilk
Ben folds – rockin the suburbs
Ben folds – songs for silverman
Ben folds – supersunnyspeedgraphic
Beyonce – b’day
Bikini kill – the cd version of the first two records
Bill hicks – shock and awe [live at oxford playhouse]
The birthday party – s/t
The birthday party – peel sessions
The birthday party – junkyard
The birthday party – live 1981-82
The birthday party – mutiny/ the bad seed
The birthday party – prayers on fire
Bjork – greatest hits
Bjork – medulla
Bjork – volta
Black dice – broken ear record
The black keys – s/t
The black keys – the magic potion
Bloc party – silent alarm
Blonde redhead – misery is a butterfly
The blow – bonus album
The blow – the concussive caress, or, casey caught her mom singing along with the vaccum
The blow – everyday examples of humans facing straight into the blow
The blow – paper television
The blow – poor aim: love songs
Blue sky black death – a heap of broken images
Blue sky black death – late night cinema
Blue sky black death – slow burning lights
Boards of Canada – campfire headphase
Boards of Canada – music has the right to children
Bonnie ‘prince’ billy – master and everyone
The books – lemon of pink
The books – music for a French elevator
Boredoms – super ae
Bracken – we know about the need
Bunny rabbit – lovers and crypts
Burial – untrue

Camera obscura – biggest bluest hi-fi
Camera obscura – let’s get out of this country
Camera obscura – underachievers please try harder
Caribou – the milk of human kindness
Casiotone for the painfully alone – answering machine music: a brief album in twelve parts
Casiotone for the painfully alone – etiquette
Casiotone for the painfully alone – twinkle echo
Chris Morris – blue jam series 1, 2 and 3 (apprehensive about attempting to upload this)
cLOUDDEAD – peel session (w/ boom bip & doseone)
cLOUDDEAD – the sound of a handshake/ this about the city
cocorosie – la maison de mon rêve
cocorosie – noah’s ark
cocorosie – the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn
cocorosie – white sessions
Cocteau twins – lullabies to violaine (4 disc)
The cramps – a date with elvis
The cure – boys don’t cry
The cure – lost wishes (4 b-sides)
The cure – disintegration
The cure – the head on the door
The cure – kiss me kiss me kiss me
The cure – pornography

Daft punk – live at Coachella 2006
Daniel Johnston – tapes
Daniel Johnston – songs of pain vol 1
Daniel Johnston – don’t be scared
Daniel Johnston – the what of whom
Daniel Johnston – hi, how are you
Daniel Johnston – more songs of pain
Daniel Johnston – yip/jump music
Daniel Johnston – retired boxer
Daniel Johnston – continued story
Daniel Johnston – 1990
Daniel Johnston – artistic vice
Daniel Johnston – fun
Daniel Johnston – the late and great Daniel Johnston (covers & originals)
Daniel Johnston – welcome to my world
Daniel Johnston & jad fair – it’s spooky
Daniel Johnston & jad fair – the lucky sperms: somewhat humorous
Danko jones – born a lion
Danko jones – we sweat blood
David bowie – changes
David shrigley – latenighttales: shrigley forced to speak with others
David shrigley – worried noodles
David Thomas broughton – complete guide to insufficiency
Diane cluck – oh vanille
Do make say think – peel session 04/10/00
Do make say think – winter hymn country hymn secret hymn
Don caballero – don caballero 2
Doseone – hemispheres
Doseone – skeleton repellent
Dresden dolls – s/t

Easy cure – early symptoms: the demos (the cure before they were the cure)
Edith piaf – the legendary edith piaf
Eels – beautiful freak
Elliot smith – s/t
The evens – s/t
The evens – get evens

The fall – peel sessions 1978-2004 (6 discs)
Feist – let it die
Final fantasy – has a good home
Final fantasy – he poos clouds
Finch – what it is to burn
Firewater – the golden hour
Flaming lips – at war with the mystics
Flaming lips – yoshimi battles the pink robots
Florence and the machine – 25 demos/ live tracks/ random songs
Foo fighters – there is nothing left to lose
Four tet – everything ecstatic
Four tet – rounds
Francois hardy – the yeh-yeh girl from paris
Free kitten – unboxed
Fuck buttons – street horrrsing
Fugazi – 13 songs
Fugazi – the argument
Fugazi – end hits
Fugazi – furniture ep
Fugazi – in on the kill taker
Fugazi – red medicine
Fugazi – repeater + 3 songs
Fugazi – steady diet of nothing
Fujiya & miyagi – transparent things
The futureheads – s/t

Glissandro 70 – s/t
The glove – blue sunshine
Googol bordello – gypsy punks: underdog world strike
Goldfrapp – felt mountain
Goldfrapp – black cherry
Goldfrapp – supernature
Goldfrapp – we are glitter
Goldfrapp – seventh tree
Goldfrapp – live lounge 08/02/08
Gomez – bring it on
Gomez – liquid skin
Goo goo dolls – a boy named goo
Goo goo dolls – s/t
Goo goo dolls – hold me up
Goo goo dolls – jed
Goo goo dolls – superstar car wash
The gossip – standing in the way of control
Grand buffet – five years of fireworks
Granddaddy – the software slump
Granddaddy – under the western freeway
Gravy train!!!! – all the sweet stuff
Gravy train!!!! – are you wigglin?
Gravu train!!!! – hello doctor
Greenthink – blindfold
Guided by voices – forever since breakfast
Guided by voices – devil between my toes
Guided by voices – sandbox
Guided by voices – self inflicted aerial nostalgia
Guided by voices – same place the fly got smashed
Guided by voices – propeller
Guided by voices – clown prince of the menthol trailer
Guided by voices – vampire on titus
Guided by voices – fist Japanese spin cycle 7” ep
Guided by voices – I am a scientist ep
Guided by voices – alien lanes
Guided by voices – tigerbomb ep
Guided by voices – plantations of pale pink
Guided by voices – tonics and twisted chasers
Guided by voices – under the bushes under the stars
Guided by voices – mag earwhig!
Guided by voices – do the collapse
Guided by voices – isolation drills
Guided by voices – the pipe dreams of instant prince whippet ep
Guided by voices – universal truths and cycles
Guided by voices – earthquake glue
Guided by voices – the best of guided by voices: human amusements at hourly rates
Guided by voices – bee thousand director’s cut
Guided by voices – half smiles of the decomposed

Half Japanese – charmed life
Hella – acoustics
Hercules & love affair – s/t
Hunter s. Thompson – lecture at boulder university 1977
Husker du – zen arcade
Hymie’s basement – s/t
Hyperbubble – airbrushed alibis
Hyperbubble – solid pop

I’m from Barcelona – let me introduce you to my friends

J dilla – ruff draft
Jeff buckley – grace (2 disc)
Jeff buckley – grace ep’s (5 disc)
Jeff buckley – live at sin-e (2 disc)
Jeff buckley – sketches for my sweetheart the drunk (2 disc)
Jeff buckley – songs to no one
Jeffrey lewis – it’s the ones who’ve cracked that the light shines through
Jeffrey lewis – the last time I did acid I went insane
Joanna newsom – Joanna newsom & the ys street band
Joanna newsom – the milk-eyed mender
Joanna newsom – walnut whales
Joanna newsom – yarn and glue
Joanna newsom – ys
Jose Gonzalez – veneer
Joy division – the best of (2 disc)
Joy division – closer
Joy division – substance
Joy division – Warsaw
Jurassic 5 – power in numbers

Kait o – band red
Kate bush – the dreaming
Kate nash – made of bricks
Khaela maricich – look for it in the sky, it will always be there
The knife – deep cuts

Lamb – the best kept secrets: the best of lamb
Laura marling – alas I cannot swim
Le tigre – feminist sweepstakes
Le tigre – s/t
Le tigre – this island
Lemon jelly – ’64-‘95
Lemon jelly – lost horizons
Les savy fav – go forth
Lightning dust – s/t
Lykke li – youth novels

M. ward – transfiguration of Vincent
M.I.A. – kala
Magnetic fields – holiday
Manic street preachers – the holy bible
Massive attack – blue lines
Massive attack – collected
Mates of state – bring it back
Mates of state – my solo project
Mates of state – team boo
Math the band – nature ep
Math the band – 42 random untitled tracks
Matteah baim – death of the sun
Mclusky – acoustic session (not sure who for)
Metallic falcons – desert doughnuts
Metronomy – nights out
MF DOOM – mm…food?
MF DOOM – operation doomsday
MGMT – oracular spectacular
Michael Andrews – me and you and everyone we know soundtrack
The microphones – the glow pt. 2
Miranda july – 10 million hours a mile
Miranda july – the binet-simon test
Mogwai – b-sides
Mogwai – radio sessions
The moldy peaches – s/t
Mos def – black on both sides
The mountain goats – heretic pride
The mountain goats – hot garden stomp
Mr. scruff – keep it unreal
My bloody valentine – loveless
My brightest diamond – bring me the workhorse
Mystery jets – twenty one

Neutral milk hotel – in the aeroplane over the sea
Neutral milk hotel – on avery island
Nirvana – mtv unplugged in new york

Of montreal – the gay parade
Of montreal – satanic panic in the attic

Panda bear – person pitch
Parenthetical girls – safe as houses
Patti smith – horses
Pavement – crooked rain, crooked rain: l.a.’s desert origins
Peaches – fatherfucker
Pj Harvey – stories from the city, stories from the sea
The pleased – don’t make things
Pulp – different class
Pulp – his ‘n’ hers

Queen adreena – the butcher and the butterfly
Queen adreena – drink me
Queen adreena – ride a cock horse
Queen adreena – taxidermy

R. crumb & his cheap suit serenaders - #1
Radiohead – ok computer
The ravonettes – chain gang of love
Regina spektor – 11:11
Regina spektor – songs
Regina spektor – soviet kitsch
Rites of spring – end on end

Sage francis – a healthy distrust
Sage francis – personal journals
Sam sparro – s/t
Scott walker – 5 easy pieces (disc 1)
Scout niblett – I am
Scout niblett – I conjure series
Scout niblett – kidnapped by Neptune
Scout niblett – sweet heart fever
Seasick steve – doghouse music
Seasick steve – I started out with nothin’ and I still got most of it left
The secret hairdresser – peel session
The secret hairdresser – top ten conditioning tips
Serge gainsbourg – love on the beat
Set fire to the flames – signs reign rebuilder
The shins – chutes too narrow
The shins – oh, inverted world
Sigur ros – live in Vienna 16/10/02
Silver mt. zion – this is our punk rock
Silver mt. zion – pretty little lightning paw
Silver sun – you are here
Six organs of admittance – the sun awakens
Slint – spiderland
The slits – cut
Smog – red apple falls
Smog – wild love
Snow patrol – songs for polar bears
Snow patrol – when it’s all over we still have to clear up
Sonic youth – daydream nation
Squeeze – greatest hits
Star spangles – bazooka
Stars – set yourself on fire
Steve reich – different trains/ electric counterpoint
Steve reich – pulses
Subtle – exitingARM
Subtle – a new white
Sufjan stevens – illinoise
Sugarcubes – life’s too good

Talking heads – stop making sense
Talking heads – 77
Ted leo & the pharmacists – hearts of oak
Ted leo & the pharmacists – living with the living
Ted leo & the pharmacists – shake the sheets
Ted leo & the pharmacists – tell balgeary, bulgary is dead
Ted leo & the pharmacists – treble in trouble
Ted leo & the pharmacists – the tyranny of distance
Tegan & sara – so jealous
Tender forever – the soft and the hardcore
Themselves – the no music
Tilly and the wall – wild like children
Tom Rosenthal – 44 random songs
Tom vek – we have sound
Tom waits – bone machine
Tracy + the plastics – culture for pigeon
Tunng – comments of the inner chorus
Tv on the radio – dear science,
Tv on the radio – desperate youth, bloody thirsty babes
Tv on the radio – new health rock ep
Tv on the radio – return to cookie mountain

The unicorns – who will cut our hair when we’re gone?

Vampire weekend – s/t
Van Morrison – astral weeks
Various artists – how soon is now? Songs of the smiths
Various artists – john peel: a lifetime in music (2 discs)
Various artists – see you on the moon! Songs for kids of all ages
Vashti bunyan – some things just stick in your mind (2 discs)
Von bondies – pawn shoppe heart

White magic – dark stars
White magic – through the sun door
Why? – almost live from anna’s cabin
Why? – alopecia
Why? – early whitney ep
Why? – elephant eyelash
Why? – the hallows ep
Why? – oaklandazulasylum
Why? – part time people cage…or part time key?
Why? – rubber traits
Why? – sanddollars
Why? & odd nosdam – miss ohio’s nameless
Why? & odd nosdam – the split ep
William s. burroughs – dead city radio

Xiu xiu – the air force

Y.A.C.H.T. – super warren MMIV
Yann tiersen - le fabuleux Destin d'amélie poulain (amelie soundtrack)

enjoy! X

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