Frankie Buttons (foxeyfrankie) wrote,
Frankie Buttons

painting my nails black

love preparing for halloween, i feel like rocky before the big fight. DUN. DUN DUN DUN. DUN DUN DUN. DUN DUN DUUUUUN.

tomorrow is fancy dress and general celebrations at work.
saturday i'm going to town.
sunday is the zombaid (you walk through town dressed as a zombie, there's a world record attempt for the thriller dance and a ball afterwards)

so i'll spend the next three days dressed as half man half woman, pores clogged with white face make-up and fake blood.

things are ok, i'm feeling very very emotional and temperamental but what's new. i've had some major lows this week, but it's nothing that can be solved so i just have to deal with it. fukkit.

peace and fucking XXX

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