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hello gorgeous, merry christmas, i'm sure you had a lovely time.
here's what i got:

  • joseph heller - catch 22
  • hunter s. thompson - hells angels
  • jonathan safran foer - everything is illuminated
  • tao lin - eeeee eee eeee
  • oscar wilde - the picture of dorian gray
  • stephen chbosky - the perks of being a wallflower
  • handmade "book of stuff" by hari (pictures of katy perry and cheryl cole.)
  • ricci ricci perfume
  • lush bath bomb set
  • leopard print dressing gown and slippers
  • hershey's kit-kat
  • mr. scruff tea bags
  • 2X russian doll hot water bottle
  • £25 topshop vouchers
  • gok wan beauty stuff
we spent the day at home and everyone came round and we ate. i fell asleep during doctor who. i've got a really bad chest infection at the moment, had the past week off work. it's weird not having time off over chirstmas.

i've not been up to much recently, but i'll do another update at new year, you know, typical 2009 review and all that.

peace and fucking X

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