Frankie Buttons (foxeyfrankie) wrote,
Frankie Buttons

2009 in pictures

these pictures were taken at lucy's 21st at 42's (after massive wine consumption) and a flatback four gig at the thatched house. basically i spent the beginning of the month really drunk and then the rest of the month reflecting iupon my actions. i started my drunk people project at college, i was dead enthusiastic about it obvz. also took my dad to see seasick steve for his 50th birthday.

dave's 21st/ school reunion, and valentines day on our way to blackpool. daves 21st was weird, i just took pictures of drunk people for my project. blackpool was an odd day but great. i got "scouted" for ecentrik modelling, my mum and dad both got made redundant in the same week, and i was starting to lose enthusiasm for school.

eddie rockets in liverpool on photography trip, 42's with photographers, glue ear and black jacket gig at retro bar. i started to cut my own hair, evolzine was launched and failed, and i quit my course. i did more stuff for ecentrik and i met the guitarist from sum 41.

becky's birthday at kro bar, claire's birthday at birdcage and modelling oyungas beard at font bar. i only updated livejournal TWICE in april. we did the first ecentrik fashion show, i saw bat for lashes, and it was the first scottfest of the year. i got briefly involved with someone but it failed completely, got a new camera, and had one of my last nights out where i properly went mental.

with hari in the nelson, with the photographers on circus night, modelling for ecentrik. in may my mum and dad told us they were splitting up, i was sad for a long time. i went to a few interviews. i just drank a lot.

outside work, drunk, the night before i got fired, and with hari at stockport ba hons photography degree show "after party." yeah i got sacked from bean and baguette. that was the last night i got so drunk that i was doing really stupid things, and i don't want to do it again. my mum and dad announced they were back together, which was great but really fucked with my head. i got my job at CFD, which was mint. after months and months of having a crush on him dan told me he liked me, but left for scotland and we spent his last night in manchester together.

me and 2 mudslides in font bar on my birthday, the buttons family (minus carson) dressed is pirates, and me and ane cousin sophie at her graduation party. i turned twenty one, i got a laptop off my family, we went clubbing on my birthday and had a pirate party the next day, the whole weekend was awesome. i started to realise CFD are rotten, especially when i got suspended. my cousin graduated from her radiography course.

at the thatched with lizzie, the legendary edinburger in edinburgh, me and hari in edinburgh pub and with work friends in brannigans. yeah i went to edinburgh fringe to see dan doolan in tick the box perfrom everyday for a week. it was awesome. it was documented with daily video blogs. i went on 2 nights out with my new work friends on the first one i slept with the guy i sit next to, and since then it's been awkwaaaaard. i didn't do much else.

burlesque! at bookbinders with deanna and lizzie, elishas 21st birthday hawaiian party with mum. i started to properly hate CFD, (although i won pirate fancy dress day) and my brain started melting. scottfest two was on, i saw david thomas broughton setting off rape alarms and got romantic with hari and she got mittens her kitten.

joshua brookes with lizzie, joshua brookes with joanne, doseone from themselves and me and claire on halloween. i did two really sparse updates in october, so i don't really know what i did. i slept with the same guy from work again and he got a girlfriend two weeks later. i slept with the guy she was sleeping with. it was all very incestuous. i saw themselves in sheffield, it was the best gig i've been to this year, i thought i was going to die on the drive home. i won the halloween fancy dress at work and went out with claire.

zombaid ii, night out with work friends, mise-en-scene gig in bolton with lizzie and deanna and me and hari at beths 25th birthday. i bought my leopard print fur coat. i broke the british record for "most people dressed as zombies in one place" and "most people dressed as zombies doing mkichael jacksons thriller dance." me and hari started wearing matching clothes and we saw daniel johnston for the second time together, with laura marling as support.

me and claire at the clothes show live, me and hari at mike o'maras birthday and at font bar with a cocktails menu. the clothes show was great, i saw gok wan. i bought a pikachu dress and a obama dress. me and hari went to see "where the wild things are" and went to socio rehab for mikes birthday. went out with a few photography friends before christmas. i had a week off work holiday, went to see martin parr's "parrworld" in newcastle. then i had two weeks off sick, i still have a chest infection. christmas was spent at home. new years spent at my aunty and uncles.

i'm not going to make resolutions for 2010. 2009's were move out, get a partner and be improve photographically, none of which i have done. however, i did want to have a "productive summer" which i think i did.
in stead i will have things i'd like to do this year. which are pretgty much the same as last year. i'd like to get a new job to, i'm not happy where i am, and in a a way i'm glad i've been ill over the past two weeks.

evryone wants to make a change in 2010 it seems, but i just hop we all have a good year. i've already got tickets to see WHY? in march and VASHTI BUNYAN in may, win.

peace and fucking.

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