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hope you've all had a lovely easter weekend. mine was very geeky, we played a lot of mario kart, settlers of catan, then watched 4 episodes of wonders of the solar system (now officially in love with prof. brian cox.)
i've joined loads of dating websites. it started with match affinity, then relaised i won't actually have anything in common with anyone based on a multi-choice personality test, so i joined some music based ones. 2 years of sleeping with strangers who i never see again/ hari on a sporadic basis just isn't on. it's worth a go.
me and hari got a blackberry curves on friday. well fit. i also got a beautiful new camera, really wide angle lens, took some good pictures... of the cats.

my brother starts working where i am part time tomorrow. well excited. everyone i make friends with leaves, so it'll be nice to have a familiar face. sky are opening a call centre in stockport so me and the guy i sit next to have applied.

kitty's ok. she's getting fatter and stronger, and her fur is growing back, she's got a cut under-cut now, she's so punk.

we've been to see final fantasy and why? recently. one of my photos from the why? gig was used on lowrise magazine's website. their uk publicist contacted me and said spinner magazine want to publish it to, which should be exciting. no payment, but credit.

that's it really.
peace and fucking X

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