March 13th, 2010

Katy & Russell

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i woke up this morning thinking "eugh it's been three weeks," and was just slobbing around, i've been horribly depressed since she ran away, and have become lazy, so decided to do the recycling. as i was collecting empty beer bottles, i glanced outside and saw a tiny gingery thing drinking from a puddle. i dismissed it initially, i knew it wouldn't be her, but it was, i ran outside and grabbed her. i shouted hari and burst into tears. i couldn't stop crying, she's so so tiny, and she had her arm trapped in her collar, so she's got a horrible sore under her arm, but i was so so happy. she also stinks. bad. my mum popped round to see her and drop off everything in sainsburys that had the word "cat" on it.

she's curled up in a ball on my bed purring happily. i'm ecstatic. she's not going outside ever again.