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grow back like a starfish

Frankie Buttons
10 July 1988
Stockport, Manchester
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frankie buttons.
10th july 1988.
studying ba (hons) photography @ stockport college.
likes: cadburys fingers
doesn't likes: salad fingers

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[adult swim], agent provocateur, alessandro di giampietro, avant-garde hip-hop, beautiful women, bettina rheims, biscuits, boys and their waists, butter cream, buttons, cardigans, cats, cheerios, chris cunningham, dimples, easter eggs, ellen von unwerth, father christmas, frosted shreddies, girls with red hair, hunter s. thompson, jenny saville, jeremy kyle, jessica boakes, john peel, just like heaven, kitty witty, knickers, larry david, lingerie, lo-fi, lolcats, lollies, making scary looking dollies, mark heap, mark heap in brasseye, mark heap in jam, mark heap in spaced, mark heaps arms, mark heaps dirty smile, mark heaps face, mark heaps facial hair, mark heaps hair, mark heaps legs, melodica, miaow!, mini rolls, new weird america, owning lots of dresses, pegg and frost, people from massachusetts, people with funny voices, perry cox, photography, pin-up girls, pirates, playing in the snow, polkadots, polly borland, ralph steadman, red glittery things, robert smith, robots, ruby slippers, seamed stockings, sex, soft things, sophie dahl, spaced, stockings, stockport, stockport college, studio ghibli, sucking my thumb, sugar, suspender belts, ted buckland, things that are twee, things that jingle, toothpastefordinner, watching jon king dance, ◕ ◡ ◕